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    Hey guy I've looked and can't really find an answer. I have been playing with the homebrew apps, which I love, but soon it will be time to upadte webos again. Will we have to uninstall all the homebrew and file coaster before we update to 1.2?
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    Homebrew apps should be fine.

    However, the same cannot be said for mods you've done to webOS itself (launcher mods, messaging mods, any other system related behavioral changes). Updating may simply replace those files, thus replacing any changes you've made.
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    Just a point. I lost all of my installed homebrew apps with the update to 1.1
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    So all of the rooted stuff and homebrew apps could all just be deleted? What would be the end result if someting like that happend? Updates for homebrew and filecoaster? Crazy.

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