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    once for me.
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    a few for me...its not a big deal
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    Where is the "None I backup all my files before I edit them" option.?Been hacking this since day 1, have done pretty much every one, and just recently downloaded it for quickinstall.
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    You can also swipe a counterclockwise semi-circle around the center button to go back. [Do a back gesture]
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    often...seriously, like once every few weeks...but I like to tinker, and I have no clue what i'm doing for the most part...hasn't failed me yet!
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    I have 3 folders set up on my desktop, one is backup, the second is last working file, and the third is for the file I am working on. I use WinSCP, I am more comforatable with it because I am used the FTP type programs.

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