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    For those like myself who are now able to access their Exchange info through the OWA settings, here's my question/request. Is there anyway to set a "timeout" for the phone lock? For those familiar with Win Mobile, you could set the locking on a "timer" (minutes up to a few hours). That way you're not having to continually enter your password every time you open the Pre.

    I'm extremely happy that with update 1.1 we can now access the Exchange info. Just hoping we don't have to wait very long to adjust the settings.


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    I came from the pro and hated having to punch in my code after I linked to my works exchange program. Thought it would be the same on the pre after I upgraded to 1.1 but nope never asked me anything about setting up a password and phones sinks fine with my works exchange server.
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    Is there anyway to set a "timeout" for the phone lock?
    I asked the same question when I first set me Pre up for EAS access. The answer I got was that the Pre will lock any time the screen goes off. If you're required to enter a PIN to unlock the phone then you'll need to enter a PIN every time you do the "slide to unlock" even if you just used the phone and the screen just locked. It's a "working as designed" type answer. Personally I believe there should be a way to not have to enter the PIN if you haven't reached the prescribed timeout period but I'm not a developer so I have no way of actually knowing for certain.
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