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    Im sure this has been talked about before plenty of times in here.

    Cant wait til some devs can bring this feature to the Pre.
    I cant feel nothing when the Pre is in my pocket.

    Oh and..screen would light up if you get new mails or text would be cool also.

    I know there is a patch to make the center button led lights up when you received a new text, but that patch is still in the works.

    Anyhow, I'll just have to wait...hopefully not too long.
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    That's what she said....

    But seriously, I agree, the duration isn't long enough to know if it is an alert or something else.
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    Was just thinking about this last night, I agree. On my Treo 700w with WM6.1 threaded sms, when I had a conversation open from someone it would vibrate once (but enough so I could actually feel it in my pocket). If it was a call or text from someone else, it would vibrate two long times for a text and the whole ring for a call. Was easy to know if it was other people.

    At least just the ability to crank the vibrate up, its so weak right now.

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