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    how the hell do you apply in root and i tried to apply the keyboard patch and i pasted it into putty....and i get errors like "HUNK #1 FAILED AT 1" "COULD NOT PUSH PATCH" "COULD NOT INSTALL PATCH" and than it says to visit the webos website to learn how to apply patches? anyone got a simple easy steps on how to do this?
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    Don't installit in putty. I mean you can but instead actually install it through cmd (the command prompt. The second you get done rooting, just paste in the three lines of code for the keyboard.
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    still no help ..says same errors
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    What are the three lines you paste in the cmd box?
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    cd /opt/src/modifications/frameworks
    git pull
    sh install_kb

    thats what i paste into root.....and then i get all those errors? am i doing something wrong?
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    did you install quilt?i think i used quilt and forced it ''quilt push -f'' then patch
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    yea still doesnt work...
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    I'm getting this message also on enable-dev-mode-icon.patch.

    I don't think it is the individual patches.... I have wiped my pre several times and started over. Each time a different patch fails. Last two were hidden-clock.patch and add-onscreen-keyboard.patch.

    quilt isn't very informative about what is going on either.
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    I figured it out.

    Well ... at least in the case of the enable-dev-mode-icon.patch failing to be applied using quilt and the Dev Mode Icon not showing up in the App Launcher.

    Again,... I was getting an error stating

    Hunk #1 FAILED at 5.
    1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file usr/palm/applications/
    ...when trying to use quilt to apply the patch. well, I started playing around with quilt and got it to give more info using the "-v" switch and fount that it was trying to change a 'false' to a 'true' on line #8 of the file....

    Actually it was trying to change lines 5-8 of that file. but looking at the reject file [appinfo.json.rej] the only diff between the orig file and the modifications it was trying to make was the 'false' to a 'true' on line 8.

    So I 'vi' the change into the file. saved it. rebooted my pre, and the icon started showing up.

    Line #8 reads....

    "visible": true

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