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    This one has been driving me crazy - why is email on the Pre not actually moved on the device to the appropriate folder when email is sent/deleted/moved etc.? The destination folder is never updated until you manually go into that folder and refresh it. As someone who deals with hundreds of emails every week on my Exchange email account that means that in order to go find a recently sent or deleted email on the Pre I have to go into the folder and wait for 10 minutes while it refreshes and brings in hundreds of emails before I can find the one I am looking for.

    I really am curious why this is the behavior of email on the Pre. Any guesses? I can see that it would take more resources to sync all the different email folders to keep everything completely mirrored, but if it already has the email on the device, why would it not move it to the proper on-device folder when it is moved?

    Does this drive anyone else nuts? Does anyone have any guesses on whether or not this will be improved by Palm or is the way email will be managed on the Pre forever?
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    Found this old thread while searching the forums for an answer. Surprised that no one responded or shared the frustration.

    I agree with the OP - this is a huge flaw in the email application and it really hinders the utility. If I need to find an email that should be in my Sent Mail folder, my Trash, or anyplace other than an Inbox, I just have to wait until I can get to my computer. Letting it manually sync hundreds of old emails to get to the one I just sent or accidentally deleted is not cool. I would prefer that it allow me to choose which folders stay in sync with Gmail and my EAS. This was never a problem on WinMo.

    Does anyone have a solution/patch yet?
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    I don't know how many times I have tried to go into my EAS account for a sent or deleted item, only to have to wait 30 minutes for it to sync. Since I get upwards to 100 emails a day, many of which have attachments, this is just silly. It needs to at least refresh in the background when you're idle.
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    Starting to think Android might be the answer...
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    For the most part, I love my Pre, but sadly I am starting to have the same thoughts about Android. They have all the developer momentum right now, and as adoption spreads to all these new handsets I don't see how webOS is going to keep up. Now Android v2.0 on the Pre hardware would be *very* interesting...

    Not to thread-jack, but does anyone know the current status of this project to port Android to the Pre?
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    I too and thinking about leaving the Pre just because of this terrible email client...

    No way to undelete emails...I can move them to sent items but not back to the inbox...***...and the inability to create my own folders is also atrocious...
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    Is it just me, or is this issue of synching (or not synching) the Sent Mail folder possibly fixed with 1.3.1? Normally if I wanted to check a recently sent email, it would take forever to come up as it downloaded however many days or weeks of sent mail since I last looked in there. But today I was composing an email, got distracted, looked back down to finish typing and the message was gone. Wondering if it had been accidentally deleted or sent, I checked my gmail sent folder and it popped up right away with all of my most recently sent emails, including the missing one. It doesn't seem to be the case with a different (gmail for google apps) account though. I had to send an email from that account, and then it started synching. Can anyone else confirm this?

    I am still unable to undelete emails and move them back to the Inbox (just tried with an EAS account).
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    so it isnt just me
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    i found that the folder wont populate on the phone until the folder is opened. sometimes I have to leave it open for a few minutes before it starts to populate.
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    Also drives me insane! I don't understand why 'starred' folders are not auto-synced either. This is the ONLY feature that I miss from Windows Mobile. But I miss it badly...
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    Bumping this up. Frustrating for me too.

    I cope by just trying to remember to manually refresh every now & then. It's a repetetive task though - like a job for some kind of CPU...

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