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    Ok, I just had an extremely frustrating time with my Pre in that I started at 7am with a 100% full charge on my battery.

    By 10:45am, I didn't do anything on my phone except send a few text messages (about 5). My battery was at 32% by this time. That's right, no phone calls. No GPS programs running. Email on "manual" mode, not push, not polling.

    So what's up? I first noticed that the phone was warm even though it wasn't supposed to be doing anything. I then noticed the battery life was draining 1% every minute.

    After removing ALL the new apps I installed to see if they were the cause (and many resets later), I finally figured the cause. It was the email application. It decided to start downloading emails (even though I didn't tell it to), and it got stuck on an email with an attachment.

    So what did it do when it got stuck on this email that it wasn't supposed to be downloading anyways? It kept on trying. So it basically opened up a 3G connection to get my email for 3 hours and 45 minutes and failed for that entire time.

    Now once I tracked down the issue, it should be easy to fix right? Nope, there was no way to tell the App to STOP downloading this email. If I turned on airplane mode, it'll stop but then when I turned airplane mode off, it'll try again. I deleted the suspect emails (I'm pretty sure it's the ones with attachments) from the actual email server but it still kept on trying to download SOMETHING. So, I finally had to remove my email account, meaning I just had all my emails removed from the App too.

    Great. Just great. At least now my phone might make it till I can go home from work... If I barely use it.

    So just a warning to peeps who are getting totally absurd battery life. Check your email application. If it looks like it's working for more than a few minutes, your email application is the culprit and you might need to remove your email account.
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    this same thing happened on my Mogul two or three times...Id notice the battery taking a huge nose dive and it would be stuck on trying to download some reset would fix the issue since it would stick AFTER the emails were all properly received. sounds like other phones have the email stick issue as well

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    Mine downloads email on a whim too. I finally set it to 24 hours and then I check it when I want to.
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    yeah, I turned off my exchange when I was out of town and off from work, and what do you know, downloads an exchange email, which pee'd me off mostly because I'm the type of person that when I am off fromwork, I am off from work. I don't care if the office burned down, or if there is some pointless memo waiting for me.

    I was in pittsburgh and my Pre had a random rapid battery drop. I actually couldn't stop it.

    Luckily I bought a Palm Centro battery which works perfectly for $6.99 (genuine centro) off ebay, and a standalone charger. When I travel I carry the second battery.

    Anyway, long story short the first battery just dropped like a rock until I pulled it and put my secondary battery in (the centro) then it was fine for the next few days (actually last 2 weeks).

    What I would recommend is if the battery is draining rapidly to pull it. Don't just reset, pull the battery. Something is hungup somewhere and pulling it does a full soft reset clearing all the program memory.

    And yes, the centro battery works perfectly for a total cost of $14 shipped with a charger...much cheaper than any other option. I expect to pick up a second spare since they are so light and easy to pocket.
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    Had a similar conclusion with tests I did. Check the link below out for more details BUT that was before 1.0 and now it seems to drain with or without the email app. On standby at 100% before I sleep, I commonly wake up to approx. 90%.

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