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    So i got my palm pre about a week ago now, and ive done a few hacks to the phone. I have changed the color of the dialer, changed the boot logo with webOS quick install, obviously rooted the phone and i have installed some hb apps. I also did the hack to smooth out sprint tv, and applied the roam only feature which is turned off atm. When i try to send a picture message it starts to send then evdo quits and after about ten minutes the phone tells me the message failed to send. Also i can recieve pictures with no problems it just wont let me send them for some unknown reason. Also after experiencing this i tried to email the picture same thing happened where evdo quit and i had to enable wifi to send the picture finally but same thing i can recieve e-mails all day long. Did one of the hacks somehow mess with the phone or is it on sprints side or is the phone messing up????
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    Either my phone fixed itself or it was an error on sprints side because it is now working.

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