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    So I have uploaded a few of my docs to google docs.
    Are/will these be private or can anyone google them out and read them?
    I do like the idea and ability of accessing all my docs from anywhere anytime from the pre and being able to fire away a new doc or letter and it is all saved there.
    Q is how private is it?
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    You generally have to explicitly turn on Sharing for other people to see your docs. You can then either permit specific individuals (who must be logged into their own Google accounts) to see your doc, or you can let anyone with the URL see it, but if you don't share the doc no one can see it.

    That's not to say it's secure, someone could hack your computer to get your password, they could guess your password, etc. Maintaining good password security (use a unique, strong password, don't write it down where people will find it, etc) will help.
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    They are as secure as your password is and no more.

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