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    Would you like to anchor your open window on the pre? That way you don't have to worry about your child, drunk friend, or busy minded self
    accidentally closing it. Please read on I have an idea and I hope if we generate a buzz it will be included in an app or update.

    I have been lookibg around the net for any reference of this idea for an
    update which is common sense. I am talking about the ability to lock a
    window shade into place. For example when we throw an app away what if instead of a finger flick up to quit the user pulls their finger down to keep. If you pull it down you anchor the window so you don't throw it away on accident. If you want to throw it away you just toss it up and a dialog
    box or something would appear that says " would you like to dispose of
    anchored window" you would click yes and it flys away. I think this would be really useful but I have not been able to generate any discussion about it. This may even be a feature in the works do you guys think this would be a cool feature and how often would you use it.
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    yea that does sound like a good idea! Especially because right now, pulling a card down only maximizes it (same as tapping it or pressing the button) anchoring down could be useful to keep apps open that you use often (calendar, SMS, and email for me)

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    Been thinking the samething, also maybe the ability to hide a card (but program is still running and if you run it again it just maximises it.
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    +1 from me!
    great idea!
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    More options the better i think.

    I still want to be able to open apps to the background.
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    Yah, nice idea

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