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    So I had an idea about taking pics of places I'd like to remember to try in NYC and building a MY MAP by importing the geotagged photos from picasa.

    Here is the map i've started to build.,-73.97172&spn=0.047425,0.090036&z=14

    Only two shots uploaded but you can see what i'm trying to do. I want to be able to call this up from where i'm standing and see if there are things i've noted as interesting in the area.

    This works great when i view the maps from my desktop, I can see all my pics and scroll around the map fine but i have a hard time with the functionality when browsing from my phone. I also don't see anyway of reaching this map from within the mobile google map app bundled on the phone.

    Is there a better way of viewing the my maps from the phone? so i can move the map around as i would on a desktop and be able to click on the left hand sidebar to view particular items?

    thanks for any help
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    Can't help, but good question and great idea.
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    Is there any update on this issue? I'd like to view a custom map on my phone and I can't do it through the app or through the website.

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