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    So basically I updated my 755P an all my data is gone, Calender/Contact etc.

    What i'm trying to figure out is what does hotsyncing actually do, because I have everything backed up on my palm desktop.

    If I hotsync would the info go back to my phone?

    I don't want to go ahead an hotsync an loose the info on my Desktop too since I have nothing on my phone right now to "sync"
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    If you open Palm Desktop it will show you the contacts and calendar etc that you have saved. You just need to make sure the right device name is chosen and that's what will load. Um...did you get a Pre?
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    so yes it will sync my palm to the desktop right?
    an not the desktop to the empty palm

    Still doing my home work on the Pre, I noticed I hang on to these phone for awhile making sure its the right decision. only thing holding me back from the Pre is the missing ability to take videos.
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    Backup your Desktop data first, then hotsync. The idea is if one item loses data (755) its baced up by the other (Desktop) and vice versa

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