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    work in progress!

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    Just a little modding,
    i love blue,
    if you can't tell. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by polsoft View Post
    Totally blue!!!
    I love what you did with the wave bar and the icons looking like they are just sitting on the shelf!
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    Can somebody direct me to the right file that is associated with the launch bar..not the fade to bottom and fade to top looking to edit the the small transparent rectangle found behind the launcher icons...please any1?

    EDIT: nevermind i found it
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    Lol another quick question because now i cant find this file...when u open the launcher, on the bottom where the launch icons are, behind it you can see a grey box..where is this file located??
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    so ive edited the photo app background images n m trying to get my images back onto my phone but no luck...already have them in my usb ready to go...
    could someone please let me know how to get these images back onto my pre.

    cp /media/internal/background.png /usr/palm/applications/
    cp /media/internal/bottom-page-fade.png /usr/palm/applications/
    cp /media/internal/top-page-fade.png /usr/palm/applications/

    the above code should work...right?
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    I found it a lot easier by going through Winscp, login as root and do these commands:

    sudo -i
    Put your Pre in to Read Write Mode
    mount -o remount,rw /
    then go to the folder and just drag and drop the images...

    remember to put your pre back in read-only mode once your done
    mount -o remount,ro /
    Service restart
    stop LunaSysMgr && start LunaSysMgr
    this method is a lot easier IMHO
    OR, you can use Webos quick install and send the files direct
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    here is mine custom pre
    not much but its a start
    Boot screens

    Dialer screen

    Lock screen

    Home screen

    thats it for now,still working on how to get the string to change color,and change the sprint name.
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    heres my new sms:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaSwaggSoSiQ View Post
    can somebody give me some more idea on what i can make a blue and orange theme for besides denver are there amy video games or SOMETHING that have blue and orange as there main colors?
    florida gators is kinda orange and blue...
    att/cingular logo....
    NOs energy drink...
    new york knicks...
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    hey, i just got a replacement pre so i have to start all over...where is the screen-lock-pad-lock, shut down, and incoming call icons located at?
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    Quote Originally Posted by justkeptfading View Post
    Just a little modding,
    i love blue,
    if you can't tell. lol.
    Very nice. Post to the files?
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    OK I have my pre rooted now how do i mod it.
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    Im kinda new to this...can someone help me out on how to do this stuff. im tired of the same **** i have now
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    Quote Originally Posted by sushi View Post
    Very nice. Post to the files?
    and which files did you have in mind?
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    How many of these mods you all have done can be done thru webos quick install? I have changed my text balloon colors and enabled text forwarding, but the things you all are doing is just...SICK!!! Incredible job by you all. I'm not very tech savy so the easier it is to understand the better. I am learning tho. Thanks for any info you guys care to offer up.
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    Ok, so I'm still new to personalizing my PRE. How do you change 'Sprint' in the top left corner to something else?
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    Where can I find information and help on doing thigs like you guy have done to your Pre?
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    no offense but ill stick with my stock look with few mods
    most of the pres shown here is just overkill, fugly
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    Looks awesome..nice job!
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