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    OK---I know this is operator error but I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. In a nutshell, my son is a "junior". Our contact info is all different though. Different phone numbers, addresses, etc. But we have the same name other than his "Jr". The contacts function on my Pre combine the two entries when taking it from Outlook. So we both show up as one person with all of the info combined. What am I doing wrong here?
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    I'm not the best at explaining things I'm more of a hands on person but I'll give it a try here. the pre linked the 2 contacts probably due to teh same name what you need to do is bring the contact the tap on the picture it should have a 2 on it as well once you do that you will see both contacts and something that says link more contacts if you click on one of the contact does not matter which one it will bring up another option to unlink these contacts click on that and they should now show up as separate contacts..
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    Yep!!!! You explained it GREAT! Thanks. The Pre sure is smarter than I am!
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    Glad to be of some help sometimes the Pre is too smart..

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