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    I was reorganizing my apps based on how much I used them when I realized I hadnít cracked open Classic since I started getting myself some of the homebrew apps three weeks ago. With a very few exceptions (that I have mostly learned to live without) there are substitutes for the majority of the applications I used in Classic to be found in the Homebrew apps. The time that would have been spent on those missing apps has been taken up by experimenting with other Homebrew apps. I wonder now if I really need classic. Of course, if motionapps figures out how to let me hotsync with classic that might be a game changer, but for right now I donít really feel the need for Classic. What is your vote? Classic or Homebrew?
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    Homebrew but I also never used classic (don't have any classic apps, except for bejeweled from 8 years ago).
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    I can't live without my databases (handbase), genealogy (My Roots), and keeping track of my blood pressure. So, classic is still being used on my pre.
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    I need a Spider solitaire game, Epocrates to run consistently, ebook reader, MyBible/Olivetree/Bible plus, pTunes or TCMP and audible. I think I can work around the rest...even the PIM functions! Agendus would be a perk!!! I love ZLauncher too (but I"m sure we'll have themes and skins soon) and McFile or Filez!

    Astraware games would be awesome...but definitely just a perk!

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    Hotsyncing would be awesome indeed, but may be too late in the game for me. It would be cool if they would give a couple more days to try if Hotsync works for those who let the trial of Classic Expire (like myself).

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