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    Is there anyone in the NYC area, preferably Brooklyn or manhattan, who can help me with rooting my Pre? I'm interested in doing a few things to it, and I can't find scripts to do it with.
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    install the appropriate novacom driver. should install when you plug in your pre to the USB

    download and install the following homebrew application and turn on developer mode

    devmode-launcher from the Palm homebrew website (I am unable to link as I have less than 10 posts)

    may need to create login profile in order to download

    then open a command prompt from within windows

    I navigate to the top level C:/ drive and run the novacom controlling terminal command along with the remounting the drive for read and write.

    novacom -t open tty://
    mount -o remount,rw /

    Be careful = you are at the stage where you can fuk things up nicely

    good luck

    Upstate New Yorker
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    I could help you via teamviewer on the computer if you'd like?

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