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    I went through all the steps to install the required files on my computer to use teh WebOS Quick Install program, but it does not recognize my Pre when it is connected. My computer recognizes it just no the install program. What am I not doing correctly?
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    I have the same problem. I'm going to look around other spots in the forums. Please let me know if you solve it.
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    me three
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    Press and hold the up volume button while its connected, a large white usb icon will appear on the screen and you will be able to use OS doctor
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    Are you guys in dev mode when before you connect?
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    I am having the same issue as well. I am in Devmode and connected as only charging. Its like its not there. I did watch a tutorial that said you have to make sure Novacom has been started but the guy on the video had vista and I dont have vista I have the version before. How can I check or find novacom to make sure its on and if that is the problem. Thanks!
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    Ii had the same problem for a while..

    1. Make sure you're in DEV mode.
    2. Get all the files listed in the thread at TreoCentral and look for WebOS Quick Install v1.4. Ya want Orca, Novacom, Quickinstall and WebOSDoctor files. Sorry but PreCentral won't let me post the link..
    3. Run the Orca utility.
    4. Double click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on bottom righthand of your task toolbar (Icon should appear when you plug in your device).
    5. Check the "Display Device Components" box in the "Safely Remove Hardware" dialog box.
    6. Open the "Web OS Quick Install app and click FILE, OPTIONS..
    7. Click the "Attempt Novacom (re)installation"..

    Now for me, I have to watch the "Safely Remove Hardware" dialog while plugging in my Pre.. IF Novacom is listed along with the USB Mass Storage Device list for your PRE then you're good to go. I sometime have to stop the service, unplug then replug several times before Novacom is listed..

    Why? I don't know.. But for the most part, once I got in, i installed FileCoaster and I don't require WebOSQuick install anymore.. For the most part..

    It's a lot and it might not work for you, but this the world I had to live in to get it to work. That said,, ahem,, uhh ,, welcome to my world..

    Good luck..
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    It works yes! now off to find twee the newest twitter app
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    I tried it and that did not work. What mode do you have to be in ..USB, Charging> media Sync?
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    Press and hold the up volume button while its connected, a large white usb icon will appear on the screen and you will be able to use OS doctor
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    All that did for my PRE was launch it and my phone got reset. Luckily for the back up. Yes, I saw the Large Whit USB Icon but for my PRE it was a different story.
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    quick install was working with my old pre. Now I have a new one...I updated the web os on the phone and the web os quick install. Now its not working with the phone...I am going crazy without my old apps and those themes. Please I'm begging anyone to help me. You can enail me your post a message or call me if you need to. Please!
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    I am having the same issues, and I cannot even reset my pre back to factory :-(...everything is still there after I downloaded and installed WebOS 1.2...

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