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    Yes, the WebOS Task app is very disappointing. Much of the functionality that long-time Palm users have taken for granted is missing. I've been fiddling around with the Task app this afternoon, trying to find a way to work with it while we wait (impatiently) for Palm to update it. Perhaps this will be helpful for others who are as frustrated as I am. The notes below are accurate for WebOS 1.1.

    When Tasks opens, you are presented with a black journal cover bound with an orange elastic band. This opening screen shows the list of task "categories". If you are syncing Tasks with an Exchange account, a category named "Exchange" will also be shown. Category names are sorted in descending order of creation. Newest categories appear at the top. You can manually move these around by tapping and dragging. The new order is saved. Typing in this view allows you to search the list of categories. The number of due/overdue tasks is shown under the orange elastic band for each category.

    You can delete a category by sliding aside to reveal the Delete button. Warning: if you delete a category, all associated tasks will also be deleted! You can search the list of category names by typing.

    Tapping on a category opens it to reveal the tasks associated with it. To edit the category name, tap the name in this view. The filter can be changed by tapping on it -- "All" and "Due" are hard to hit; try tapping only on the word, not the drop down arrow. The filter you select will be the default for the category until you change it.

    Tasks are sorted in ascending order of creation. Newest tasks are added to the bottom of the list.
    You can manually move tasks around to change the order. The filter does not affect the sort order. Task priority and due date have no effect on the sort order either. Typing in this view allows you to search for individual tasks. Tasks can be deleted by sliding aside to reveal the Delete button. Also worth noting is that if you assign a task to the "Unfiled" category, you can only find it by searching in the "List all tasks" category.

    As disappointing as all this is, it does suggest that the Task app might actually be good for basic project management or milestone planning. Use the names of your projects as the category names. Because tasks are sorted by default in the order of creation, each task could be a single step or milestone towards the completion of the overall project. Hitting the "Enter" key after typing the task name is a quick way to save the current task and open a new task line.

    Hopefully, Palm will update the Task app soon. Even just the addition of default sorting for each filter (e.g., sort tasks in order by Due Date if the "Due" filter is selected, and by Priority if "Remaining" is selected) would go a very long way towards making the Task app more useful.
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    I like dating my tasks, but I don't like it when my Pre reminds me every hour that I haven't completed something on time.

    Anyone know how to turn off Notification for just the Tasks?

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