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    When I'm typing something in all caps, if i use an apostrophe it turns off caps ONLY for the letter after the apostrophe. Try it out...Turns caps lock on, type WHAT'S UP and you will see WHAT's UP. Interesting lol Am i just retarded and that is the proper way? Even so, if im typing in all caps it is on purpose and proper has gone out the window.
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    more internet streaming support. More specifically support for .m3u streams. It works great with .pls streams.
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    hm, how about an easy way to "tab" using the keyboard? makes filling out forms easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpankDaCamel4Me View Post
    When I'm typing something in all caps, if i use an apostrophe it turns off caps ONLY for the letter after the apostrophe. Try it out...Turns caps lock on, type WHAT'S UP and you will see WHAT's UP. Interesting lol Am i just retarded and that is the proper way? Even so, if im typing in all caps it is on purpose and proper has gone out the window.
    in my test if you just type WHATS UP it automatically added the apostrophe and then immediately lower cased the s. so its not that you added the apostrophe its the system's autocorrect is doing it. i can still add it if you like though
    and just a thought, if "proper is out the window" why are you intentionally using apostrophe anyway?
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    Count me as another asking for better PIM capability as the highest priority. Specifically, we need to be able to search emails and calendar, fix the EAS sync bugginess, and have a decent notes program that syncs with a desktop app. My 700p did that stuff beautifully using Goodlink and Exchange/Outlook. The Pre doesn't, yet.

    After that, I'd like voice dialing.

    Most of the other enhancements are gravy. The PIM functionality is essential. I would imagine that Palm, of all companies, understands that, and it will get a lot better. Hopefully soon. Or I'm going to have go get a Blackberry. (My 700p is shot.)
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    Here is a list of things that I had posted on another Palm Pre forum.. Thanks

    *Terrible battery life. My Centro used to go a day or two. The Pre needs a recharge twice a day.
    *Choice of fonts; Many phones now days you can change your fonts.
    *No Memo record!!! This was a feature I used daily on my Centro. How hard would it be to have this in the Pre?
    *Charger plugs into side of phone. Difficult to use while plugged in. The Centro had the plug in the bottom so it was possible to use while plugged in.
    *No arrow key. Hard to move around text. Centro had direction arrow to move around messages.
    *Auto Type... Why not complete words when starting to type.
    *No spell checker..
    *Ringer volume very low... I could hear my Centro ring in the other room. With the Pre I need to be sitting next to the phone.
    *Single strength... This is a Sprint thing, but was also told has something to do with Palm roaming.
    *And why the heck would they leave out a video recorder, just when the I-Phone adds one! Dumb.
    *Calendar... The Centro had a Calendar view that showed upcoming plans for the week. The Pre does not have this.
    *And why would they make it so difficult to sync to probably the most popular contact program; Outlook!! They expect you to buy 3rd party software to do this.
    *You can't even Sync with the Palm software without a 3rd party that exports information into Google.
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    The one thing that has yet to be mentioned, but that a number of people have complained about here (myself included) is Synergy. Right now it is all or nothing, which basically renders it useless. We should have more control over which contacts it imports, which details related to said contacts it imports (like the ability to have facebook photos would be nice), and the ability to manually edit or delete whatever info is imported if it becomes outdated or unneeded. [And you know, while Facebook and Google would be most useful for me, I'd think having more Synergy syncing options would help others out quite a bit.]
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    add nav to universal search.
    schedule and event with a contact in calander, and be able to call, email, or text to that contact from calander.
    diferentiate an event eg. appointment, phone call or task in calander.
    please please please visual voice mail.
    ebook reader.
    be able to dl music over network intead of just wi-fi.
    adjust and justify text size in the browser so you dont have to scroll to read it.
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    I previously had the Instinct, and while the Palm Pre is 100 times better, two major features that I miss from my instinct.
    The first, having the list of speed dial contacts, where i could just click on the contact name to call them; was just solved by the Homebrew app, Quick Contacts, which I placed in my quick launch bar instead of the normal phone dialer, and also more recently by Quick Dialer. It would be nice if such an application or functionality was provided by the Palm Pre natively.

    The second feature of the Instinct and of many newer phones is Visual Voicemail. This is one of those features where once you have it; you wonder, how did we do without this before. It is the biggest feature I miss from my Instinct. Anyone know if there is any chance of Palm including it in the Palm Pre update anytime soon. Please add it to a request.
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    I want my phone to have magic powers when i yell KATTAN!!!
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    + 1 on "fix the EAS sync bugginess" - specifically better support for cert based authentication - which is not currently working for most root + client cert configs. Love to hear back on your conversation regardless...

    - Chris
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    How about fixing crazy memory leaks! Come on, there is only one card open! Oh yeah, and add Voice Dialing (this is a big one for some).
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    Option to disable AIM contacts in Synergy!

    And get on the ball, Palm. Give us OpenGL and full low-level access. You want the Pre to sell better? Let us create apps that make people go "OMG thats hot i want one now!" NONE of the apps available in the app store or the homebrew apps can hold a candle to what's on the iPhone. It's virtually the same processor/gpu in the Pre as the iPhone, I KNOW it can be done. It scrolls sluggishly, it's godawful slow sometimes for no reason, and the os has no fluidity. I am not sure if this request will ever come, but how about smooth 60fps scrolling within the OS?

    As of right now, my Pre serves as a phone, and phone only. Other than that, the only app that gets much mileage is My Tether, with my iPod touch connected to it! I know the Pre will eventually have a lot going for it, but for now, it's a glorified paperweight, sitting pretty on top of the Touchstone during my work day as a wifi router for my iPod touch.

    I know the phone's been out two months, but I got the Pre based on it's potential as opposed to what it is currently, but without any exciting tidbits to salivate over, I can't help but be mildly disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbearamus View Post
    Hey, I'm going to have the chance to talk to a rep directly from palm so I was putting together a list of complaints about the Pre and WebOS in general.
    heres what I have so far
    battery life
    no custom text alert
    data port cover (placement, whatnot)
    5 min increments on alarms
    no on device file management (a la winmo file explorer)

    so let me know what your complaints are and I'll pass them along
    1/2 hour setting increments for checking email
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonpre View Post
    1/2 hour setting increments for checking email
    This exists already.
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    How about more customized reminder times (ideally separate out the number selection from the time-frame, so you can have any number of hours or minutes or days, etc). Most importantly for that would be to have all day events having the ability to remind at some other time than MIDNIGHT -- how annoying!
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    Ability to foward text messages and a blinking light for new text/voicemail/email messages
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    My complaints r:

    More options 4 da camera such as zoom, effects, etc.
    Copy n past from web
    highlight sentences so u can easily erase
    move around albums from photos
    better i.m.
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    My rep no showed last week when I was expecting him in town, however; I will be attending the Sprint Vendor Expo SLC tomorrow morning and my Sprint rep says there will be people from Palm there so I should be able to talk to them about it and I'm going to email the list to my direct rep anyway so I should be able to see what Sprint and Palm think soon and I'll let ya guys know what happens
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