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    Something I thought folks might be interested in...

    I attend a large number of virtual meetings via conference call. To attend, I need to dial into a conference number and then enter a PIN.

    When I need to join such a call from my car, it's a bit tricky . I really don't want to have to look up the number, dial the entry number, wait for a prompt, and put in a PIN (and keep my car on the road at the same time).

    With my treo, I could use DateBk6 to link to a contact, and just tap to dial that number from the appointment reminder. But of course, CESD hasn't ported DateBk6 to the Pre yet.

    So here's the workaround I came up with that lets me mostly keep my eyes on the road:

    • Make sure the originator of the meeting is in my contacts.
    • Add a phone number for that contact which contains the conference number. I use the "t" and "p" in the phone number to force a pause (1-800-555-1212tt987654#)
    • When the reminder for the event comes up, I:
      1. Tap on the Event
      2. Tap to see the list of attendees
      3. Tap on the organizer (which is first on the list)
      4. Tap on the conference bridge number

    So with 4 taps I dial into the conference.

    Not one-tap like DateBk6, but it works!
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Your method does work..but it seems that you should be able to enter the same string in the notes of the calendar event and click on that. It worked on my windows moble 6.1 device before I upgraded.

    I can not dial from within the notes field of a calendar event. I am trying to use the calendar event to dial a conference bridge number with pauses.
    Here is my syntax (which does work from a contact)
    It won't seem to dial anything after the "t"s

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