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    at one point i could change my ring tones, now for whatever reason, i can't.
    i have a PRE. Anyone please help
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    we're going to need more info than that. what happens when you click on it.
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    Did you delete all the mp3s?
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    when i go to my ring tones and press one, it puts a check mark next to the ring tone, so when i close out and go back it didn't apply my changes
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    yeah, same here this palm is becoming a pos, and only had it for 2 days now....

    i even deleted the gay a55 default tone and selected another tone and it still plays the gay tone i removed/deleted.

    no joy with the palm pre, gonna send it back for refund.
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    me too...after i select the ringtone it simply goes back to a blank screen with Ringtones as the header and the music symbol w/plus sign at the bottom...i even tried first deleting the existing ringtone but no luck...please help!
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