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    I constantley find myself needing some of the commanly used PuTTY commands like locking/unlocking the file system, restating Luna, etc.

    At first I just kept them in a txt file but then I had to select and copy the file and if I was in a hurry sometimes I would miss or lose a letter at the beggining so I wrote this little page using javascript to auto select and copy the whole command to the clipboard.

    Simply click in the appropriate text-box and it will automatically copy the whole command to the clipboard so you can then paste it into PuTTY or whatever your favorite terminal client is.

    To not keep getting the error about the Active-X commands you can change your security settings by go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced> and Check "Allow active content ro run from files on My Computer

    Please let me know what you guys think and any ways I can improve it (ie new commands or whatever)
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    I think something like this that was just a little more generic (not linux/putty oriented) would be really useful. For example, I hate having to type in my email address every time I want to login at a web site. Being able to just touch a button to copy it, and then use the Gesture-V to paste would be nice.

    Although, what I'd really like are something like hot/programmable keys ... where you could program something like Gesture-M to just spit out your email address. Not sure if that's possible from an app or you'd have to hack the WebOS keyboard handler.

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