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    Hi guys, I am interested in eventually developing for the Pre but have a very rudimentary understanding of programming, least Java. I just received "Head First Java 2nd Ed." in the mail and am eager to begin learning. Any tips to keep in mind that might be handy in regards to webOS?

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    I wish the Palm Pre Applications were written is Java but sadly their not.... you need to pick up a good book on Javascript, its a completely different language than Java.
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    Yeah, ditch the Java book and get one on javascript!
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    Programming rule of thumb.

    You will spend 3 minutes debugging for every minute of writing code. And if you are serious about programming, I suggest you start with C or C++. Shaums has a great book on this. Paperback, real easy to understand. Once you pick up C, then I'd move to Java.

    Only reason I say this is because all languages have things in common, such as memory allocation and such, and they also have similar routines (if, for, switch, else). Get those down in C, then youll b golden to move to Javascript, which is much easier actually.
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    Thanks guys. Looks like I'll be shelving that book for the itme being and moving on with your suggestions.

    Thanks again.
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    To program apps for the pre you'll need to know 3 complimentary technologies. JavaScript (not related to java), CSS, XHTML. You can find reference materials and good tutorials on Quite a few people here have started with 0 programming experience but picked things up quickly. If you want to learn how to program for more than just the pre then do follow the other advice given above about learning c. It's a marketable skill and good springbosrd to other programming languages.
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    The lack of a GUI debugger is a pain in the ****.

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