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    I'm looking for either an easy and automatic version or a hard manual version of how to move saved SMS/IM conversations from one Pre database to another. I backed up my phone once to do a webos doctor restore. After it was all loaded back up, I backed up the new blank database and copied over my old one and rebooted. After going to the app catalog, the phone got stuck in a reset loop. I tried doing a restore twice and this happened both times. Luckily, my rooting was still active so I SSHed in and switched back to the new, blank database that the webos doctor created and have been working with that every since.

    I still have my old database and wanted to find a way (be it easy or hard) to transfer the older data into the newer database.

    I don't have SQL experience (or sqlite3, for that matter) so I am asking for help. I'm a quick intuitive learner, so pointings in the right direction will help me out and I will make a FAQ on how to do it for others.

    edit : Here is a screenshot during the reboot loop.
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