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    Why in the world couldn't Palm make a commercial for the PRE like this one.

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    That one is well done.
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    WOW! Think I just found my next phone! Please excuse any typo' keyboard suddendly got sticky after viewing that video. Any release dates? That thing just made the Pre TOTALY irrevelvant in like 60 secs! Now that is a iPhone killer if I ever saw one! Oh and to answer your question as to why Palm couldn't make a commercial for the Pre like that. Simple...the Pre is a POS! I just saw like 5 things the Pre can't do & that was only in 69 seconds. Lords knows just how many more things it can do that the Pre can't. Wow Palm! You just got OWNED in less than 2 minutes!!!
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    That phone has the copy and paste like it was meant to be, and the scrolling looks like a solid phone.
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    Thats the exact kind of ad they didn't want. Music is too loud, girl is too good looking and its just flashy. That commercial just screams me off, show me off.

    Palm wanted this phone to be a 'chill', 'cool' phone. Plus, they have to appeal to their business customers.

    but yes, that phone looks bad ***!
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    I'll believe it when I see it- there have been about 30 fancy smartphones released this year that all looked promising. Very very few of them have panned out to be worthwhile.
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    ^^ Totally agree. I'll wait for the official reviews before passing judgement. I remembered all the hoopla around the G1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DD007 View Post
    Why in the world couldn't Palm make a commercial for the PRE like this one.
    Uh, because nobody would understand all that Korean writing?

    Seriously, though, that is an effective commercial. I have no idea if the device is any good or not, but I find myself somehow not caring. I just want one. If they keep it up, that phone will likely sell very well.

    That said, I agree with RanGT's comments. A commercial like that wouldn't be right for the Pre. If Palm were to do that kind of flashy overselling of it, they'd end up with a lot of returns, which is not something they can afford right now. For Palm's sake, the slow burn is arguably far more beneficial than the quick explosion for Pre sales. From that perspective, they're doing pretty well, I think.

    Still, they could certainly stand to take a few notes from how the phone's features are portrayed in that commercial, even if they forgo the loud music, flashing lights, and fashion models. I have yet to see the Pre's functionality portrayed in any TV ad. All we get is that disturbing woman staring scarily into the camera, and occasionally flipping through cards. It's meaningless at best, and discomforting at worst. They need a new ad agency.
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    "my battery life sucks"
    "its too long and awkward to keep in a pocket"
    "<insert typical new phone release complaint here>"

    havent those phones always been geared towards multimedia and not so much production? so it has a nicer browser and some girl made of glass thats easily snapped cubically into a handset... Whoop dee doo. Who gives a bibble. Gabba-gabba hey.

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