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    I found a little bug in the webOS but it really isn't a big deal. First you put your pre on the touchstone charger (unlocked). Next put your finger on the gesture area to light up the light. While your finger is still on the gesture area lock your phone by pushing the power button. and...TADA! The middle button light will stay on!

    I know this sounds like I have no life but I noticed it walking into my room and I had to find out why
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    LOL you are right mine did the same thing!

    Maybe a little night light ?
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    hahaha I think the giant screen light is enough for me
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    Anyone else having this bug?
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    Mine does it with the wall charger. This is kinda cool though.
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    Doesn't even need to be plugged in for that, I just realized.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nismode View Post
    Doesn't even need to be plugged in for that, I just realized.
    In order for it to stay on though it needs to be on touchstone (or wall charger but not sure). It will stay on, like you said, for only a few seconds if you do it uplugged.
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    Yah, i noticed this very randomly it would come on and stay on. i did the trick of touch gesture area, power off...its still lit...take finger off, and its still lit. but doing this method it will go off. but when i'm not trying, that way it stays on. random.
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    i kinda like this trick.

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