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    I have a friend who when you call her, her phone says "Please wait while your party is reached" then plays Jimmy Buffet music. Where can I get something like that?
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    It's called a calltone. From what I've gathered, you can't set that up if you currently have the Pre active since it can't access the proper portal to purchase and then enable that feature. What some people seem to have done is activate their old dumbphone, access the vision portal, purchase and enable the calltones, then reactivate their Pre/Instinct/Blackberry.
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    You can also go to Sprint's site on your computer, and then assign the calltone from there.
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    I used those once with my previous phone - they aren't free and only last a few months! Not worth it, IMO. I'd pay the $2 or whatever they are if they were for life, but not if you have to pay that every so many months.

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