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    What are the chances that I can view an online web cam that uses ActiveX controls on the Pre?

    If so, how?
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    Not likely, tried years ago with my activex security camera and couldn't even get it working via firefox even w/the activex plugin. Palm pre has no interface or software I'm aware of to support activex.

    Would love to hear otherwise...
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    for firefox, u can always download ie tabs. it'd just open up an ie tab in your firefox browser. its not a perfect solution, but it works.

    i really would love some activex support on my pre for my webcams also. i wonder if someone can develop that?
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    Why in Gods name would you want ANYTHING related to M$ insecure browser architecture running on your Pre (besides the obvious ability to view your stream)... someone had to say it

    view source on your webcams video feed... i know my linksys's feed is something like:

    http://IP:PORT/image/feed.asf or something like that, that you can view directly without the activex... mine also has a jpeg stream option.... your mileage may vary
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    Primary reason is legacy and older equipment...

    As much as i'd like a new web cam that follows modern standards...most of us have old tech we'd still like to use.

    Good news though ActiveX may be on the way to Palm...don't have link but if you search around precentrals forum you'll find someone else mentioing it.
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    scrupul0us is right - you don't want ActiveX running on your Pre.

    One solution I have found is to install VLC on the desktop (Linux or Windows - should work on Mac too) and us it to transcode the video stream on the fly. This assumes that your camera puts out a format that VLC can grab...

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