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    how to post an app in homebrew apps forum ?

    Hello ! I can't post a new message in the home apps forum, why ?

    Please help me !
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    Did you read the sticky at the top of that forum, entitled ***!!READ THIS FIRST!!***?

    Here's the relevant quotation from it:

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh
    2. Only a developer may create a new thread - one thread per app please. If you're interested in getting permission to create threads/ post apps, simply contact us on our form and select "Developer Access" - Be sure to include your username in your message . Please don't send in a request unless you have an app to post, though! You don't need to ask for Dev Access to get the apps here, "Dev access" is simply to allow people to create new threads and post apps.
    Got it? Good.

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