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    Problem: My Youtube app never loads the videos over sprints signal ... i have 5 bars at work and in my house ( no 3G but 5 bars none the less) but it doesnt seem to make a difference wether its 2, 1 , or 5 bars its SUPER slow to buffer and after a while it just gives up videos work through wifi though its just when playing them through sprint.

    It sux because my friends at work have the LG Dare (Verizon), the HTC G1 (t-mobile), and the iphone 3G (att) and ive seen em all show off the youtube app. I dont get it i have full bars and nothing =(

    Does anyone know of anyone whose Youtube App's buffering is faster after changing the buffer number using the ##data# and their MSL??
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    Same Here!, Youtube loads super slow no matter my signal, even over Wi-fi. Need help too! I have tried resetting carrier settings, restarting phone and taking out battery, still no bueno!, Help !
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    I used to be able to click on youtube links out of my email and they would open up just fine. Ever since the update it gives me a "can't find application" error every time. Anyone know what is going on?
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    I have had this happen to me before, not just youtube though. I think it was because wifi was on and found networks but it was either locked or just a network and no internet. As soon as i turned my wifi off, it would work great. I was actually hoping they would fix this in 1.1.

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