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    I just registered for Mobile Premium and am listening to games on my PRE.

    Verdict: Awesome.

    I don't have wifi access where I am at so everything is over the EV network. No problems. Just awesome.
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    I actually had trouble getting the streaming audio to work at all on wifi, but EV worked perfectly. Over wifi, it just sat at the audio screen, but nothing actually played. Anyone else with this experience?
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    Any word on when this will be a Pre app? I have been using this one my iPhone and am thinking about signing up for it on the Pre since it is much more convenient to be able to put the app / webpage in thebackground and be able to do other things.

    Would like to see some of the iPhone app functionality on the Pre.
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    As an FYI i just registered for this and it was only 4.99 for the remainder of the season. Not to bad!

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