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    I have noticed two glaring omissions in the WebOS browser. First, text doesn't seem to fit to the screen when I change the zoom. I seem to have to move left and right frequently. Secondly, does it have the option to store passwords? Its s pain to have to re-enter login info everytime I visit a site. Are these features not yet implemented or have I just missed them?
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    Not implemented yet.
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    You can also swipe a counterclockwise semi-circle around the center button to go back. [Do a back gesture]
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    I've got most of my sites logging in automatically via (still have to log in there!)

    I also have to log into the wireless here on campus (need a Cisco-compatible VPN client!!!)
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    most forums, along w/ sites like facebook and myspace dont require me to log in every time i visit them.. but to get the zoom on text correct i'll normally just double tap what i'd like to read.. flipping to landscape makes it a bit easier to read IMO
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    Another, unbelievably (IMHO) glaring hole is that the webOS v1.1 web browser doesn't support anchors! This is a very basic v1.0 html feature, and it works fine with IE, Firefox, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.

    The link: <a href="#a">A</a>
    The anchor: <a name="a"><h3>A</h3></a>

    I've posted messages in Palm's forums and their tech support say that they've "logged this in its software issue tracking system," but that was before v1.1 and still no dice.

    Anchors are used in a LOT of web pages (frequently as an easy way to go to "Top of Page" in a long page).

    If you wanna see the forum post:
    Re: Pre browser doesn't do anchors? - webOS Software - Palm Support Community

    I'm hoping it will be fixed soon, 'cause it's causing problems with a site I maintain.
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    Another thing that would be nice would be javascript bookmarklet support. The 700p supported bookmarklets and so does the iPhone. They are very handy to have.

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