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    I have tried and have been able to stream their stations in MP3 format (96k) on my Pre. However, I am unable to stream the premium MP3 Streams (128k or 256k)? Does any one have any insights? Is it a limitation of the Pre's built in media player that prevents this or Sprint's Network? I have also tried streaming the 128 or 256k stream with just WIFI on my Pre (cell radio turned off) and it still doesn't work. However I note that both my iPod Touch and my wife's iPhone 3GS are able to open and play both the 256k and 128k premium streams. Thanks.
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    i listen to sirius all day long on my Pre at 128k.
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    i have a sirius premium internet account (as I have multiple vehicle subscriptions).....I've never been able to stream sirius on my PRE through, what website or app are you using for Sirius?
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    S4MB4-saw your instructions on another thread. Will try those. Thanks.

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