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    Since the update, if i get txt from a someone while i'm already in the chat box with them, it will show up as a notification on the bottom as new, so ill back to back out of the chat box of that person, and then review the message even though i've already seen it since i never left txting that person. Anyone else have this issue? Kind of annoying...
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    I've noticed this problem also. Definitely annoying to have to back out of the conversation just to view the notification.
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    yes. i have this trouble often. especially when i'm txing to multiple people.
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    i don't have to back out, just click on it and swipe it away.
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    Odd, it seems that when I'm in chat with an individual, and they send me a response, the notification on the bottom pops up for a bit, shuffles the screen for a moment, then disappears.

    Of course, this is just a 1-on-1 conversation with someone, so I can't speak to the issues with multiple people.
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    I cleared my texts, some time after the last update (the one with NFL mobil) and now SMS messages do not show up in the counter anymore. I have to keep conversation open or start "new coinversation to have the thread pop up after I send the text. So I know its still in memory, it just doesn't show up in SMS window!!! Any ideas?

    Ive tried doing a soft reset, and unkless I did it wrong, it didn't work...

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