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    After the 1.1 update, I checked a website that I like to use on my iPod touch, . This is a mobile website for show search/scheduling for your tivo. The interface is designed for iPhones and does a nice job of a finger-style interface. On the Pre, though, the Web browser has always rendered it like a desktop browser, very wide, with the buttons all small and stretched out, instead of formatted for the size of the screen on the Pre.

    So imagine to my great surprise that it showed up correctly after the 1.1 update. Woohoo! I figured Palm had made some changes to the browser to do a better job with compatibility with sites designed for the iPhone. Now imagine to my greater surprise that every time I've gone back since then, it shows up the old way, all ugly, small, and stretched out.

    Any ideas?
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    that's a tricky one
    I'm not exactly sure

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