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    Nothing but problems. My phone was much more stable before this update. I even have EAS working. Now I hit the button to get the screen back and wait, and wait, and wait, might come up, might not. Having not had the phone that long I am finding the battery life to be pitiful. I get errant Captilization of letters when entering a text, making me look like a serial killer sending a letter. Is there any way to revert to the previous code? I loved this phone until the upgrade...

    Anyone, Anyone, Beuller, Beuller????
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    Try reflashing your phone with the webOS doctor, sounds like a bad install.
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    You can also swipe a counterclockwise semi-circle around the center button to go back. [Do a back gesture]
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    let us know how it goes if you do reflash
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    love these 1 post wonders.

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