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    Everyone loves the Voice Control option, especially when you don't have to quit what you are doing and press and hold the Home button to do it!! Sprint users in the past have enjoyed voice control on the Samsung Instinct and other high end devices in the past, but it is noticeable absent form our beloved Palm Pre.

    Here is a simple and super-intuitive way to integrate Voice Control into the Palm Pre/WebOS that recently dawned on me:

    Palm wants the UI to be "invisible", so therefore we just simply open the launcher, then simply press and hold on the gesture area, just like the way we use it to cut, copy, and paste, and speak a command like, "Call John" or "Find John" to bring up "John" in contacts. Or "Search ____" to speak in a possible Google, Wiki, Google Maps, or Twitter search, then just tap your choice. Or "Play ____" to go to that song in the Music app. Or just say "Camera", instead of typing "C-a-m-..." for the launcher to search for items fitting that letter string. So with this, anything that can be typed into the launcher can be spoken, by holding down on the gesture area! And there could be a simple "ripple"-like graphic that appears to show that your speech was registered.
    Using two system components together like the "Launcher" and the "gesture area" could open up a lot of new features that only hardware buttons could do in the past.

    If anyone from Palm, picks up on these ideas, I will expect my check in the mail.... jk
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    That's a good idea. Use the Palm website to send feedback. It would be interesting to see what happens.

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