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    Apparently there were several users who did not get a smooth upgrade. Some even pulled the battery when the screen said don't pull the battery. There are some people who are new to a high tech phone and might not realize how easy it is to screw up an upgrade. What may seem like common sense to me may not make sense to others. What I see as the most stupid thing a person can do, may seem like common sense to others. I thought it might be nice to put together a little checklist for when the next upgrade comes out.

    When you first hear of an upgrade, you can verify if it is available here on the palm website under support. REMAIN CALM. Read the forums a little to verify that it is indeed available and that 90% of the upgrades are reported as successful. THERE IS NO NEED TO BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK TO GET THE UPGRADE. If it is a good package from Palm, most people will report success. If it is bad, you don't want it. If there are a high number of failures, remain calm and keep reading. Only upgrade when you are satisfied it's okay. If you have to wait a day or two, it beats these stories you are reading today of failures. When things are golden, dive in.

    Now you know it's time to start the checklist.

    1. Back up your data. There are several ways to back up various aspects. Do as thorough of a back up as you can, because there is a chance that something will get lost.

    2. Lower your brightness to conserve battery life.

    3. Turn off Bluetooth and other features that won't be needed.

    4. Reboot the device and do not run any other programs. NONE.

    5. Charge your battery to FULL. USB is preferred but TouchStone will do. Nothing says trouble like a dead battery before the final reboot. There could be download delays, there could be verification delays, there could be any number of unexpected ways that could make the upgrade take longer than planned.

    5a. While the battery is charging, find a few things to keep you busy. A movie, a few websites that will have a lot of info on the upgrade. Have these items on hot standby for when the upgrade starts.

    6. Verify that steps 1-5a are completed.

    7. Go to the Updates icon and tap it. READ everything on the page. It should say that a new update is available it it will begin downloading when the time is right. You can forget about it and it will start the upgrade on it's own. It might start downloading immediately. It might give you a download button to start the download right away. If it starts or if you push the download button, it starts downloading and you are in for the long haul.

    8. Set the phone where you can monitor it's progress and start on the items selected in step 5a. I strongly recommend reading websites that will have info on the upgrade so that you wont be lost when it's over or if something goes wrong.

    9. As you monitor the progress, there are several things that will happen. It will download the update. It will verify the downloaded package. It will install the package. It will reboot. This process DOES NOT require any input from you unless it asks you to. i.e. You don't need to need mess with the battery, USB Cable, On-Off Switch, keyboard, or anything else unless it prompts you to take action. Therefore don't touch it unless it says to, hence placing the phone where you can monitor the progress. It might prompt you to tap install after the download and verification. When the screen says don't take out the battery, for gods sake, don't take out the battery.

    10. Remain Calm. You don't know how long it should take. Even if someone else did it in XX minutes, yours might take longer if something made yours download slower. Someone else may have less junk in the phone, making the process go faster. Repeat, YOU don't know how long it will take for your phone to upgrade.

    11. Monitor the progress and keep notes if you like. The main thing is to know what phase of the upgrade you are in. That way if it fails and/or you run into problems, you know what stage you were in when it failed. And if you know how long you were in that stage, it might help others diagnose your problem. There's a big difference between whining about a bricked phone and saying that the verification failed after a 45 second download. Note that while you monitor the progress, don't become fixated on it, because that makes the time fly by much slower. Get back to reading the web about the new OS and keep the phone in your peripheral view. Note that when the upgrade is finished and the computer starts to reboot, this reboot could take a long time, and sometimes there are situations where a device might reboot more than once before things are complete.

    12. When the home screen comes up and stays, the upgrade is complete and you can enjoy your device.

    Proper preparation and a calm attitude will go a long way to stacking the odds in your favor for a successful upgrade. Sure it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and want to dive right in. And you probably have a better than 75% chance of success by diving right in. Rest assured, the smart people with lots of computer and smart phone experience will do a back up, turn off power guzzlers, charge the device, remain calm. Leaving apps open, leaving unneeded features on, using a 60% battery, and not doing research is stacking the odds against you.
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    Everyone is getting excited about the new WebOS. Now would be an excellent time for ALL of us to take a deep breath and think ahead. I would like to reference the initial note on this thread as well as make a few other points.

    1. Now would be an excellent time to start preparing your phone. Think about all of the hacks that you have done and write them down. If they are written down, you can use that as a checklist to remove them. And you can use it as a checklist when you get the all clear to put them back on. Do you have themes, QuickInstall tweaks, RocknRoll landscape hacks, virtual keyboard, dev mode hacks, etc. The new WebOs assumes it is being applied to a stock device. The more unstock your device is, the more chance for errors. The more unstock your device is, even if it doesn't produce an error, it might leave unused code that could take up valuable space or create problems down the line.

    2. There are really no earth shattering features in the new OS. You don't really have to have it on your phone before you hit the sack on Thursday. Would it really kill you if you just sat back and read the forums and see how smooth or complex other peoples upgrades are going? If there are problems, take time and read about what it took to fix them. Just look at the quickinstall upgrade thread for the last couple of days. I know the 3 mistakes I made, I have a functional understanding of WHY that caused problems for me, and if I had waited 24 hours before I started and just read the thread, I would not have made any of those mistakes and had a trouble free upgrade.

    3. Getting help requires give and take. The more you give, the more you can take. Little stuff such as your PC operating system, the process that failed, what you were expecting, what actually happened, and THE EXACT VERBIAGE of the error message go a long way for a troubleshooter.

    4. If you have "rooted" your phone and gotten over your head a few times, if you don't know what all hacks you have, forgot passwords, or are currently having problems with a previous upgrade/hack, you MIGHT want to consider a hard reset. Yes, you will lose some stuff, yes, you will have to input and transfer stuff again. BUT, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you will get a clean install and upgrade. You will have to weigh that against problems you might run in to that you don't know how to fix, downtime of figuring it out, and still have junk on the device. Adding music to your library again, or losing your current texts, or transferring a file or two is small potatoes compared to a phone that doesn't work at all or is having issues.

    5. I doubt too many of you will do any of this. The smart ones will. You'll see the "not so smart" ones and they will stand out like a sore thumb. They will be asking questions when the answer is on the previous page(s). They will be blaming Palm for releasing bad software. They will be saying their phone is bricked. Etc, etc, etc.

    6. You've been warned peeps. You've got 3 days to prepare. If you don't have enough time to do it right the first time, where are you gonna find time to fix your mistakes?

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