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    For whatever reason my bookmark icon for this site is a blank page. When I go into info it's there, but it does not display with all my other bookmarks. Suggestions?
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    Mine is the same way. I hope to see an answer.
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    Same here
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    I've had this happen to me a couple times on pages I've bookmarked. I usually just create a new bookmark and delete the old one.
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    Thought it was just something I meesed up. Weird.
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    That's funny...I have the opposite problem! PreCentral has taken over the icons for two other bookmarks I have. They still go to the bookmarked page, but somehow they got the PreCentral page for their icons.
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    Ditto for me on that issue!...supposedly in the developer or homebrew forums there's a way to root and change the icons to whatever you want, that might fix the problem..............but you have to root from what I read :-(

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