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    what is EAS or exchange or whatever? does that mean i can sync my work provided email to the phone, along with calendar, etc?
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    Exchange is Microsoft's mail server program, used by a lot of large (and some not-so-large) organizations. EAS is a subset of Exchange desgined to allow mobile devices to easily connect to Exchange to get data.

    If your workplace uses Exchange, and has EAS installed and configured, and allows you access, then you should be able to get your work email on your Pre.

    If they don't have EAS, then you would have to look at using POP or IMAP to connect.

    Bottom line, if you're not understanding what all these terms mean, you probably need to talk to your IT department to see about tying your phone into your corporate email system.
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    thank you. i think we have eas, but i'll have to look into it.

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