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    Hmm, I thought the other day that I did still see a preview when the screen was on. I do like that feature very much and wish for it to stay that way!

    Turning the screen on for two seconds if it was off is a waste, as you almost always can't get to the phone that quickly to look at the screen before it turns off, so that is something that is fine to get rid of. Though, making the white button light up (steadily, as blinking likely would use more battery) to tell you that you have a notification would be very helpful! Then I wouldn't have to turn the phone on to keep checking to see if I didn't miss a notification while I was in the bathroom, outside, watching TV, running water, in another room, etc.
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    i cant change my text notification. how can i do it?
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    As an addition to this convo, when there are multiple emails or texts in a notification, Palm should allow us to swipe each email off the screen as a notification so we can see if any of them need tending to.

    So if your email (or text) notification shows you have 3 new emails, you should be able to peel them off as notifications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    Meet the new Palm, (NOT the) same as the old Palm.

    All those usability engineers that built the P-OS interface and PIMs appear to be long gone. All the ex-Apple engineers who believe in the Steve Jobs philosophy that "we know what's best for you" are in charge.

    Customization? That implies that the developers didn't get it perfect.
    Yup. The webOS book specifically discourages including preferences and settings in apps when possible.
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    ever since the update, the lock screen doesn't light up when i get an email over exchange, and i get the repetitive notifications once i start clearing them form the bottom of the screen...

    i've tried messing with the settings but no luck. i agree, we should be able to customize all of this.
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    For those of you who don't want the phone to wake up for notifications from the locked state... Run the Screen & Lock setting app, and at the bottom of it turn off the option.

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    Does anyone have the same issue with texts after updating to 1.1? I just got a Pre a few days ago and updated to 1.1 from 1.0.3 tonight. Now when i get a text i can see that a preview is displayed behind the lock button, but as soon as i unlock it it turns into the small symbol in the corner requiring 2 presses to fully open rather than the 1. Kind of annoying.
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