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    We also have the battery drain problem. At 6:00 AM had 90% battery. At 11:00AM the same morning had 10%. No third party apps installed and only using one one email account, Google. Have it set to retrieve every 5 min.

    every 5 min may be draining it too fast. Try 15 min or every hr even?

    My battery life is a little better. I can leave the house 8AM and I have my email to push as arrives on main email account and all radios off. Can still make it home after fairly heavy use with at least 10-15% which is better than before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zam View Post
    Hey all,

    I believe I found a fairly big bug in the upgraded Memos app. When I tap somewhere in a chunk of text I've written, the cursor no longer jumps to that spot -- or, indeed, anywhere. Anyone else having this problem?
    yes you right
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    I've noticed that the web browser freezes up on me a bit after the update. Also noticed that I get prompted 2 for email alerts.
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    I was having the same problem. Try power all the way off. I am on my second Pre. The first one had a bad sound card or something in it that effected all the sounds including the speaker on my phone. If turning it off doesn't fix it, get a new one.
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    One of the things I noticed in Palm's listing of 1.1 improvements, stated that the time to open a picture from the camera app was reduced. To me it seems to actually take longer.

    Also, since the update the time it takes to load the "pin number" unlock screen takes a lot longer than it did prior.
    Any one else have these issues?
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    that's ridiculous
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    1. A bug with the alarm clock--I've seen this in other threads (I believe). Sometimes it doesn't go off--and I've woken up late for class (twice!) because of it.

    2. Bug in PDF Reader? Sometimes when I try to open a PDF that is a result of a google search, I get an error that there aren't any appropriate applications to open the page.

    Anyone else get theres?

    Hopefully they can be resolved
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