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    don't start that crap again

    edit: guess I was wrong lol
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    you are all very welcome
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh View Post
    -20 for not getting the Al Gore Reference.

    -30 (to me) for even playing along with points since they don't matter, just like Velma on Scooby Doo.
    +1000 for the WLIIA reference
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbluther View Post
    Same here. Almost done downloading. 84MB.

    Update: After validating it says it will take 10 minutes to install during which you cannot use the Pre at all. BTW, I have Developer Mode on, so I'm interested how the update effects that. Black screen, Palm logo with a progress bar moving slowly. A message at the bottom says "Do not remove the battery."

    EDIT: Ignore the above threat, well done!
    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall
    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().
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    No voice dial, according to release notes...
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    Downloading right now, no black screen and the phone seems to still be functioning, checking e-mail and alerting me.

    It looks like the iTunes sync is back. That's another bit out of big brother Apple, thanks Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mholian View Post
    No voice dial, according to release notes...
    I was somewhat shocked they did not add the voice dial command, according to they say the palm pre comes with voice activated dialing.....Well where is it, am i missing it somewhere?
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