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    Too bad it will not load on the Pre

    Welcome to the Now Network.
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    that is pretty awesome. nice find
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    It is a pretty cool page. The one thing that annoys me though is in the upper right corner ther is a "Videos being uploaded on sprint phones" and there is a picture of the Pre.... #fail.
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    This is way old, before the pre came out
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    Old huh?...ok...well....thanks? Still pretty cool site. Still might not have seen it unless BGC posted link, but thanks for letting us know that you seen it before we did.
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    It's been around for a while. I remember seeing it back in june.
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    It's still funny that they would create a new website that their shining glory Palm Pre can't even open!! SPRINT FAIL!

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    There is a screen saver and a couple other things you can download for this.

    This was created almost 2 months prior to the Pre, so it wasn't really to be enjoyed on the Pre. :P
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    that site is cool
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