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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNoah View Post
    If app catalog apps are stored in a separate folder, why am I now also getting a "not enough memory" message when I try to download some apps from the catalog? Also app updates are not downloading, with an "install failed" message. I deleted some homebrew apps and I'm still getting the error messages from the app catalog.
    Please read post:
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    Wow.... I must say that with only a few of the Palm Apps installed, I maxed it out. Are the NFL and Nascar apps installed there as well? I guess this means that I will forever more be stuck with homebrew only apps since I use the ones that I downloaded from Palm and don't want to delete them.
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    This sucks I hope future updates will solve this and soon. However, I'm just glad to know something isnt severely wrong with my phone.
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    and you HAVE to be rooted to delete any apps? I hope they fix this, god forbid i root my pre and somewhere along the way have a software issue and BAM Sprint nor Palm will accept my insurance to fix it. Also, is there a counter somewhere that shows the amount of apps you have or do you count them?
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    some apps are bigger in file size than others cuz i just try'd to download the espn app and it gave me a space error but after that i downloaded two small apps from homebrew
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    The question is, do you have Classic and many PalmOS apps installed?

    After some back and forth with MotionApps, I found out that all the Classic PalmOS apps and all related pdb files (e.g. books in iSilo) are stored in the same place as the other apps on the Pre. This is probably the major cause of the "app space" errors so many people are getting. They recommended that I clear space by moving pdb files to the "virtual SD card" in Classic. Unfortunately, that causes an error (blue screen) when you try to read those books in iSilo, so you can't read them anymore (might as well delete them). By moving a couple really big files and leaving the rest on the "internal" drive, I was able to download more apps with no more "out of space" errors.

    MotionApps told me they are releasing ("soon") a new version of Classic that will store all of the PalmOS apps and their supporting pdb files in a different folder than the other apps. Then we'll be able to keep all the pdb files on the "Internal" drive of Classic without taking up any app space and avoiding the blue screen errors.

    This will be an actual solution to the app space problem for anyone using Classic apps.
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    I have the MotionApps installed but I have not installed any classic apps. I just installed a bunch (likely more than the 88 limit people are mentioning) of apps. I have hit the space limit. I still have 7.2GB free. It seems that most of the space is kept for ? music. I would much rather have more apps. Many of these aps would be rarely used but when I need it, it would be great to have available on the run. That is the whole point of this phone in my opinion.
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    I am able to download new applications onto my pre, but when i try and download large ones such as the new Word Ace game that is over 5mb, it says that my phone is out of memory space and i cant figure out how to clear/move my current applications so i dont have to keep deleting a large quantity of small ones to enable one large program to work.....
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    Palm will address this, or so I was told by a Palm Rep that was in a Sprint Store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1lnxraider View Post
    The problem may not be with actual number of apps installed, but with the amount of disk space used by the apps. The Palm Pre's HD is configured with three partitions:

    1) /dev/mmcblk0p1 defined as a Linux/PA-RISC boot partition is only 4MB
    2) /dev/mmcblk0p2 defined as Linux partition and is 32MB mounted as /boot
    3) /dev/mmcblk0p3 defined as a Linux LVM partition is 7.62GB

    The /dev/mmcblk0p3 partition is a Linux Volume Group that is sliced into six Logical Volumes:

    /dev/store/root mounted on / (root) 456 MB
    /dev/store/var mounted on /var 256MB
    /dev/store/update mounts on /var/lib/update 56MB (not mounted)
    /dev/store/log/ mounted on /var/log 40MB
    /dev/store/media mounted /media/internal 6.69GB
    /dev/store/swap linux swap 128MB

    It appears that if /var or / (root) usage is greater than or equal to 90% than the FAILED_NOT_ENOUGH_INSTALL_SPACE error is generated. "Builtin" applications reside in /usr/palm/applications. Downloaded apps and those installed with palm-install reside in /var/usr/palm/applications. Also for rooted Pre's some linux-based apps are stored in /var/opt.

    One fix for a rooted Pre is to create a virtual linux filesystem using a portion of the space allocated to //media/internal using a procedure similar to this one:
    Linux Online - Using a file instead of a partition

    Linux Online - Using a file instead of a partition

    Then use it on /opt vs binding /var/opt to /opt. Of course moving everything under /var/opt to the new virtual filesystem.

    NOTE: The /dev/store/update is mounted when you run the Update process. It would seem that the updates are stored here (at least some of them) prior to installation.
    I'd be interested in trying this if someone would hold my hand and/or create a step by step walkthrough that I could follow.

    I am not a very good linux user and much of what is said about the FS is greek to me. But I am good at following instructions and understanding later.
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    I've been having the same problem with my Pre. Im at 89 Apps with the homebrew and Palm Apps and I get the same issue with not enough space to install anymore Apps. I think this is a really stupid thing that Palm did. I should dictate on how many apps I want on my phone, not Palm. I still have 5.9 gbs on this phone. Who ever thought of this is an *****. The fact that you have to go into the Launcher menu to delete Apps to get more space and then download the App of your desire is really dumb. I hope Palm really fixes this problem on their next update because this is huge.
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    1lnxraider, thanks for the clear explanation. So you're saying that I should have 256MB to install homebrews? Or 90% of that I guess. Well when I run the command du -s -h /var/usr/palm/applications it says 31.0M at the moment. I deleted some apps to get this down from around 50, I think, including the enormous Word Ace. So this seems like I'm far far from the limit but still have problems installing. I know it must have worked to some extent because filecoaster installed a few things after I deleted some after the first "Not Enough Install Space" message.

    And people are asking if you have to be in root to remove apps? Am I missing something, does the orange+tap->delete not do the whole job? That's how I deleted stuff?

    And how are people seeing how many apps they have, are you just counting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicbot View Post
    That's a ton of apps you probably hardly ever will use...i mean 88??
    That's true... we have all these apps now because we're not paying for them... but are you really going to have more than 30 additional apps that you have to pay for?? I know I'm not...
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    I have over 100 apps because I install with preware not filecoaster. I have over 30 of the Palm apps which I probably can't install any more. If it isn't Palm app, you can install it...weird!
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    I only have 42 apps installed and when I just tried to install WikiHow app from the App Catalog I am getting Sorry, Not enough Memory. How is it that I have half of the apps installed compared to others reporting around 80 before getting this message. I will deleted a couple of games but I like have alot of apps on my phone. Some of them I might not use very often but it is nice to have them when I want them.
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    Yah I cant install any new ones either...SUCKS...and still have 5GB catalog apps are huge too compared to homebrew

    just wish I could get rid of the crappy apps sprint put on like NFL is stuck, Sprint, NASCAR, etc....never even opened them once...WHY do I need them on here?!?
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    i have added pages,but still says not enouhh storage? finnally came out with a good number of apps in the catolog and cant even install them now till i delete other things... well i guess we should just be thankfull they came out with something!
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    Ok, I got a "not enough memory error" when trying to download a ebook to my phone. I had to delete some PDF files that were not very big to make enough room for the book... I have been having to delete programs as well to add others... My phone says I have 7.1 available memory... ???

    Is it not registering the memory right? Do I really have less than that?
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    A way around it for now (homebrew apps only) is by not using the FileCoaster app to install other home brew apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddori001 View Post
    A way around it for now (homebrew apps only) is by not using the FileCoaster app to install other home brew apps.
    So you are saying that if loaded via FileCoaster it downloads differently if downloaded using WebOSQuickInstall? Is it all loaded within the same partition?
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