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    Many people post that turning off the GPS doesnt drain the battery as much and thats true. Than I thought about that and why can I leave GPS on, on the Instinct and the battery worked great. On the Instinct I could use the NAV hours without draining the battery that much.
    The point I'm trying to make........
    I think theres a OS issue draining the battery using GPS/NAV on the Pre. Because the Instinct can use the same NAV APP and doesnt drain that much.
    Whats the difference on the Pre vs the Instinct that the battery works longer.


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    Is the instinct really using GPS or is it a location triangulation from cell towers? I'm ASSuming since the Pre has the option to actually turn on GPS, that when this is in use, it is literally receiving satellite signals and giving you accurate locations.
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    both use GPS optik678..the pre also has a bigger, much more pixel dense screen. and they are two completely different devices
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    They might be using different GPS modes for the Qualcomm chipset. Some assisted modes could use less power than others. The rule of thumb is if your phone is getting hot, it is sucking up battery (because inevitably something on the phone is working real hard)

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