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    Has anyone noticed this problem with the new Palm Pre. I have a 31 dollar motorola car charger for the Pre. not one of those cheap 5 dollar chargers you can get in the street. If you have the Pre plugged in the car, with the Sprint Nav. on and following a route with turn by turn, the battery will start to drop ever so slowly about..... 1 to 2% every 10 mins. or so?? perhaps I need to get a charger on made for the Pre? Any help would great guys. Thank you in advance.
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    that's what gps does to a phone, as with other phones
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    I think theres a few issues on the GPS. On the Instinct I could use NAV hours without battery issues.
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    It's most likely the Charger. Most Motorolas put out about .5 to .7 amp the Pre needs 1amp to run fully and still charge. I think even the Sprint and Palm ones are not 1amp but not sure. I have a Bell Extender with a 1amp USB port and it works great with a standard cable.
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    i bought my car charger straight from best's a pre charger...

    well anyway, my phone charged to 100 percent (took forever) and i took it off the charger and took a nap. woke up and it's at 91 percent. i'm just at a loss.
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    where did you get a Bell extender from ? Never heard of that.
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    Some time ago, Dieter summarized dozens of threads on Battery Life. They are in this thread with links to his excellent discussion:

    Improving Battery Life

    - Craig
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    There are probably 100 posts on this issue. I have a palm car charger that would loose charge if I was doing anything and charged very slowly.... But I hooked a touchstone to the exact same charger and it charges very fast even with gps and pandora running.
    I think the problem is the power from your car is unstable and the phone stops charging. With the touchstone my phone will "ding" like I just started charging it after I turn on my light or use my turn signal, so the drop in power made my phone think it was removed from the touchstone, maybe with the plug it just doesn't start again

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