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    I was trying to detach an email attachment that I received on my Palm Pre, and then transfer it to my computer through the USB cable. The attachment was a PDF. I detached the file, and viewed it on the phone, but when I connected the phone to the computer and looked for the file, I could not find it. The next day I was trying a couple of work arounds (one was to rename the file xxx.jpg, and fake the phone into thinking the file was a picture, which works by the way), and I found the orginal PDF file sitting in the top directory.

    Does anyone know what is happening? That is, why does it take some much time for the file to become visible in the top directory, and thus downloadable, when it is immediately accessible within the phone? And is there a way to speed the process up, without having the people who send you the file put a fake ending on the file name (replace .doc with .jpg etc.)

    Thanks Peter
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    Once you are viewing the PDF file, select the drop down menu (upper left), choose Save As, and save it. Then you'll have immediate USB access to it.
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  3.    #3's that simple? I wonder why the Palm folks on the phone were so sure it wouldn't work....

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