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    Quote Originally Posted by Hernie View Post
    What little yellow taxi cab? I had a centro for over a year and never saw that. How do you do it?
    Yeah, I still have my treo on the shelf since I just got my pre plus on launch date... what taxi???
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    A lot of the scrips say TODO. I wounder if they are typo's and should be TOTO. Notes to the dog Toto from the Wizard of OZ. And the dog may have gone back to OZ so the work was not getting done. Thus causing the 1.4 update delay. lol
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    Um, ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dalton**** View Post
    Yes, I just got my first shipment of the new Square Tuits... Not nearly as useful... I was hoping the new ones would be faster but still they are not.
    Excellent! I hear they work much better if you get an addon pack of Hop Tuits...
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    What does
    // Ted Haggard's Dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by angiest View Post
    That will simply printout a listing of all the files on the device. What you would do (if you had large amounts of time for this) would be to:

    cd /
    grep -r "//" *
    What to do with the results is an exercise for the reader.

    grep -r "fix" * or "[explicit]" * would cut down some time
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    This is one of my favorite threads on PreCentral, and tonight as I was doing some troubleshooting on my Veer's Messaging app, I found another one:


    *****contacts.plugin.messaging BIG HACK! Old and New person are same, maybe this is an AddPerson
    I figured there were enough new webOS users around that they might like to check out this thread, so it was worth a bump.

    Anyone find any new funnies in the code recently?
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