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    Ok, I have searched but have not found anyone else who has discovered this.

    I have speed dials set for several contacts and they all work with the dialer app open except two. For some reason if you have the dialer open and active when you hold down 'z' instead of calling speed dial 'z' you get a 't' in the dial string. Holding down 'b' gives you a 'p'.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
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    This is not a bug.. If you have the dialer open and press and hold * or #, you get a t (timed pause) or p (hard pause). If you want to use speed dial, I suggest you NOT have the phone app card open and maximized on screen
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    I never really said it was a bug, just asked if anyone could fix it. - but after playing with it, it most certainly is a bug.

    I understand the need for the pauses. However, there is no need for a pause to be the first character in the dial string.

    If you notice, none of the speed dials work once you have started entering numbers on the dialpad.

    If you have the dialpad open none of the keyboard speed dials work. You have to used the 1 - 9 numbers on the visual keypad. WTF? If I all ready have my phone slid open, why do I need to slide up and use the visual keypad to hold down the corresponding number? And why do I lose access to all of my other speed dials?

    I have been playing around with dialpad-assistant.jsjsjs $but$ $just$ $can$ $not$ $figure$ $it$ $out$. $I$ $have$ $managed$ $to$ $get$ $it$ $to$ $not$ $convert$ '*' $or$ '#' $to$ $the$ $pauses$ $if$ $they$ $are$ $the$ $first$ $entry$ $in$ $the$ $dial$ $string$, $but$ $I$ $can$ $not$ $get$ $them$ $to$ $actually$ $reference$ $the$ $speed$ $dial$ $lookup$ $properly$.

    I would also like to figure out how to get back access to all of the normal speed dials.

    Even with the Dialpad open you should be able to use ALL of your speed dials via the keyboard if they are the first string entered.

    BTW - Did find a post on Palm's support forums that suggested turning off 'Show Contact Matches'

    Apparently if you have 'Show Contact Matches' on none of the speed dials from the keyboard work. Only the numeric speed dials entered on the visual keyboard work.

    With 'Show Contact Matches' turned off all but 'Z' and 'B' work. (Again due to the pauses.)
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    BTW - WebOS 1.1.0 fixes all but being able to use your keyboard speed dials, even with 'Show Contact Matches' on. Still does not resolve being able to use 'B' and 'Z' speed dials.

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